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Looking for Innovators in Suriname for Telesur Multimedia Innovation Laboratory

The Telesur Multimedia Innovation Laboratory (TMIL) is an initiative of Telesur and is implemented in collaboration with the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (ADEKUS). TMIL should become THE place for entrepreneurial and creative talent in Suriname.

Through this fusion at the university complex, a fine combination of creativity, knowledge, new entrepreneurship and innovation together, will originate in a unique way in this new lab.

The Innovation Lab is meant to serve as a creative incubator, a knowledge center and a laboratory. There are thinking and working areas available for research and experimentation.

Are you ready to innovate?

Then this is it!
Time to set your goals and make us help YOU to achieve them.
A place where you can share your ideas, be your source of inspiration, your source of new business ideas and get a fresh response.

If you would like to join the movement, we would be delighted to hear your ideas.
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